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  Dear Sir or Madam,

  It is a great pleasure for me to write this recommendation letter on behalf of XXX, my favourite student to apply for your school. I am the Math teacher of **Middle School.

  From enrollment to now as his math teacher and class teacher I believe that he is a smart, studious, high quality and potential learning student. Mathematics learning requires a quick thinking, independent thinking and the spirit of inquiry, which XXX possesses. In the classroom he made a speech activitily, answered questions with a quick thicking, elaborated his views about the core of the question through a strong expressing ability.Also he was good at innnvation, often finded some new proplem-solving methods and discussed those with me. I was always touched by his spirit of exploration.

  The key of learning is hardwork and persistence which XXX also has. In this semester he felt the knowledge of some sections wasn’t masterd and he resorted to me initiatively asking for a extra-curriculat counseling. Under him coordination he and some other students took the tutoring sessions using their spare time on Monday and Thesday of every week, and I believe that now there are littlt students like him to study hard and sustained.

  I deeply like the student with honesty, tenacity, health, cooperation and helpfulness, Other s治疗癫痫病的好疗法tudents aslo enjoy making friends with him. Besides outstanding achievements he aslo has broad interests and hobbies, and he was keen on invention by which I was always amazed and exclaimed.

  According to XXX’s performance I sincerely recommend him to your school for futher study. I believe that he can make better performances under the learning atmosphere of your school and will be integrated into the new environment soon.

  Math Teacher: ***

  Address: ***

  Tel: ***

  E-mail: ***


  Dear sir/madam:

  It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter for my intelligent student, Yadi Wang. She is not only diligent but also good moral in our school. I will be very glad if my recommendation can help your evaluation of her capability.

  I am the principle of the Zhengzhou 19th High School, which is a key high school in Henan province .In recent years, the 100 percent graduates from our school have been enrolled by university, and in addition, 80% graduates in our school have been recruited by national key university. I got to know her as a student of our school. She has been keeping a good balance between the arts and sciences, gaining high grades in each of them. Because of her diligent studying, she was titled several times “exemplary student” “excellent student cadres” “various abilities in a major”. More importantly, she owns the industriousness an宜春儿童癫痫病医院d inquisitiveness in learning, and an unusual ability of abstract and analytical thinking and in-depth exploration of knowledge. Due to her outstanding performance in studying, in every semester, her ranking grade never fell down below top 5 in her grade.

  At the same time, in the social field, she manifests her powerful leader and organization capacity. Presently, these positions, she has been taking in charge of in our school, the monitor of her class, the director of the youth volunteer of environmental protection association. Moreover, she has various hobbies for example, playing the piano and Chinese calligraphy. As an editor in our school magazine, her peculiar points of view, fine style of writing, sense of humor often compose an excellent article. She has issued many excellent essays in school magazine. Her remarkable talent was appreciated by her teachers and schoolmates. Especially, in May, 20xx, she won the title of Excellent Work in Zhengzhou 15th Guanghua Cup Calligraphy Competition. This contest adequately shows her talent in art. Otherwise, she took actively part in all kinds of the social activities in her vacation, such as offering care to the olds in old people’s home, and leading various kinds of community service as a youth volunteer for propagating the theory of environmental protection in the street and cleaning the mother river of this city and etc. All these activities constantly improve her social practice ability.

  Finally, I h癲痫人能吸烟吗onestly recommend her to you, with the hope that she can get the best chance to develop her enthusiasm as well as talents in your first-class university as to make her internationalization intellectual. I will highly appreciate your favorable consideration of her application. Please feel free to contact me if there’s any further information you need.

  Sincerely yours,

  (Principal) 校长

  April 25, 20xx

  Zhengzhou 19th High School


  In capacity as Professor of Mathematics at Fudan University烮'm writing to recommend Mr. Wang烥esintosyour PhD program in Computer Science. I have known Mr. Wang since his sophomore year of college焌nd have acted as his thesis advisormentor. In my experience焗e is a gifteddiligent student焌nd an admirably hard worker.

  Wang is an impressive student because he has been forced to overcome the significant challenge of a serious illness during his freshman year. When I first met Wang in my Discrete Math class焗e did not appear to be anything special to me. While his exam scores were good焧hey were not as high as I would now expect of him.

  What I didn't know then was that due to his illness焀ang was attempting to take all of the difficult early mathematics courses at one time焛ncluding Discrete Mathematics烝dvanced Mathematics烲inear Algebra焌nd Possibilities. While most students found preparing for just one set of these exams difficult焀ang was over四川看癫痫病哪家医院好whelmed by four of them. But in the end焗e achieved an impressive score on the final exam焪hich made me conscious of his unusual determination he demonstrates when confronting difficult challenges.

  Mr. WangI have often talked about a variety of mathematicscomputer science conceptsproblems. During these discussions烮 always found him to be delightfully intelligent. Not only does he quickly understand the conceptsproblems presented to him焗e is able to analyze these problemspresent solutions. But perhaps most important is that Wang's thinking is intensely rigorous. When looking at any question焗e carefully scrutinizes itif he finds any uncertain issue

  he clears them up immediately. I believe this kind of thought is essential to become an excellent computer programmer.

  Serving as his thesis advisor烮 had a first-hand opportunity to observe the way in which Wang's mind works. In his senor thesis烳r. Wang mainly discussed two challenging questions in regards to″ANN″。 In our books in China焝nowledge of ANNits uses are very rare. Few people in China have studied this topicconsequently焧he materials that are available on ANN are limited. Working on this difficult project焠ot only did Mr. Wang rise to the challenge焍ut he went abovebeyond the call of duty to analyze his secondary sourcestest them for accuracy in practice. In this way焗e found mistakes in the book that we use. His diligencehard work made me extremely proud of him.


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